The most products of will be sent from Hongkong to you, so you may need to pay customs and tax for your order in your country. Different countries have different customs and tax depending on their trade agreements and the industries that operate in the country.


1. For all the B2C orders (B2B and wholesale orders are not included), we will refund the customs and tax, which you have paid, to you, when:

1.1. You have chosen the shipping method "Priority Direct Mail", or

1.2. You have shared the product(s) or your custom design(s), which you have bought, to at least 2 of your social media accounts on the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, VK (VKontakte), etc. within three days after you bought the product(s).


2. How we refund the customs and tax to you?

If you have paid customs and tax for your order and meet all the above 2 conditions(1.1 and 1.2), please use the following form to send the receipts of the customs and tax, your share of the product(s) or your custom design(s) on the social media website to us. We will refund the money to you per Paypal ASAP.